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My connections

My connections

Christopher Byrne

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I am a post-doctoral scientist with a background in Physiotherapy and the Sports Science discipline of Exercise Physiology. My current work is spread across the PATH-2 (Platelet Rich Plasma in Achilles Tendon Healing), SPRAINED (Synthesising a Clinical Prognostic Rule for Ankle Injuries in the Emergency Department), and DAPA (Dementia and Physical Activity) clinical trials. I am particularly interested in developing efficient and practical forms of exercise for preserving physical function and independence in older people and for musculoskeletal rehabilitation. I hold a degree in Sports Science and PhD in Exercise Physiology from Bangor University, and a MSc in Physiotherapy from King’s College London. I joined the Centre for Rehabilitation Research in Oxford in 2014. My previous roles have been as a University Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and as a Research Scientist in Military Physiology with Singapore’s Defence Medical and Environmental Research Institute.  

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